I am doing a PhD in Developmental Biology at the University of Cambridge, under the supervision of Professor Anne Ferguson-Smith. I also hold an MPhil in Developmental Mechanisms from the University of Cambridge and studied Biomedical Science at King’s College London for my undergraduate degree. My published scientific papers can be found here, a list of awards I won for my academic work, here, and my CV, here.

My PhD has been an extremely rewarding experience. Critical thinking, creativity, mentorship and a solid understanding of the experimental process are all skills I am continuing to develop. However, I have also learnt that post-PhD I wish to switch my focus from a single research question to how science, as a whole, can help society. There are many different careers that would allow me to achieve this goal but I wish to pursue working in science policy. I am also passionate about public engagement and understanding of science. I have started writing for the Naked Scientists and was a consultant for DK’s SuperHuman Encyclopedia.

Supporting science students is another one of my enthusiasms. I sat on the student staff liaison committee and Pearson Student Advisory Board during my undergraduate degree. In my final year I also worked with staff to develop a new peer assisted learning scheme and organised the first undergraduate research symposium. I am now the graduate representative on the British Society for Developmental Biology (BSDB) Committee. After my appointment in 2015, I teamed up with the postdoc rep to significantly improve student and post-doc experience in the society. Our actions have included introducing networking events that focus on early career researchers at our annual meeting and diversifying the annual careers event with speakers from outside academia. Our actions were evidence driven and have been positively received. The (on-going) development of a new BSDB student and postdoc website is the highlight of our efforts.

When I need a break from science I love to throw pots.